We the (faithful) People: A coalition of religious groups is pushing to redefine faith in Colorado politics – The Colorado Sun


“A coalition of faith groups is showing up at the state Capitol every Tuesday and taking on two big tasks: Pushing legislators for policy that reflects their values and trying to redefine the political voice of the faithful in Colorado.

At the launch of Faithful Tuesdays in February, prayers from a Reform rabbi and a Unitarian pastor caused the heads of those gathered to bow, and short sermon-style speeches from a Catholic priest and an African Methodist Episcopal layperson echoed around the grand halls on the west side of the Capitol. Their message: eradicate racism. Seek equality. Push for a moral economy. And tell your legislators you want policy to match those goals. 

Many members of the coalition also said they hope to be a voice that challenges the dominant narrative that the religious right is the only voice of faith in politics. 

“Right now, I think your average person says, ‘Oh, you’re religious? You must be conservative,” said Adrian Miller, executive director of the Colorado Council of Churches, who spoke at the Faithful Tuesdays launch. That sort of shorthand isn’t accurate, he said…

The investment has already had an effect, [Patty Lawless, Together Colorado‘s lead statewide organizer] said. ‘We’ve had people stay after Faithful Tuesdays and go into their legislator’s office. It’s definitely a different level of engagement than we’ve had before.'”

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