Faithful Tuesdays Coalition Fights For Criminal Justice Reform At State Capitol – Colorado Times Recorder


“The second ‘Faithful Tuesdays,’ a weekly event at the Capitol intended to ‘advance a moral economy, equity, and the eradication of racism now,’ took place Tues. with speakers from advocacy groups calling legislative action for criminal justice reform.

‘We are committed to the short term and long term work of bringing people across differences to fight for rights, and equality, and opportunity for all people,; said Rev. Amanda Henderson, Director of Interfaith Alliance, a multi-faith organization that advocates ensuring the protection of freedoms for every individual.

Leaders of various organizations spoke, including Hebrew Education Alliance, NAACP, student activists, and elected officials…

Rev. Tammy Garrett Williams of the NAACP told the Colorado Times Recorder,

‘If we can restructure it [the criminal justice system] to the benefit of those coming out, being more effective and positive, than we’ve done our job.’

Read the full article from the Colorado Times Recorder.

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